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We offer a brass reload program for our customers who send their brass to us. All prices below are for a minimum of 1000 pieces of brass turned in. We will clean and inspect your brass then reload it. Lead times are generally two weeks or less. Please email us at sales@midsouthmunitions.com to let us know you are sending brass before shipping so we can adjust our components accordingly.

380 auto $270
9mm $230
38 sp $260
357 mag $300
40 sw $275
45 acp $330
45 colt $385

Credit is allowed on brass shipped prepaid as follows,
Please remove your brass from plastic or styrofoam trays, separate calibers packed in same box. DO NOT DEPRIME BRASS.
After you place your order, ship your brass to us and reference your order number in the box

After the brass is received, sorted ( all steel case and berdan casings removed) cleaned and inspected then credit will be issued.
Contact us for pricing at sales@midsouthmunitions.com

if you have brass that we do not list and would like to have it loaded please contact us